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At Sai Cash, we put people at the center of everything we do. Founded in 2014, we operate a secure and technology agnostic payments platform that businesses use to transact with their respective customers online or through our specially designed mobile application.

Bandra Jamaat

The need for having a Masjid in the Mohalla was keenly felt, and it was with the help of Nuruddin Cassamji (Originally from Surat), a Masjid was built, and named as the “Noor Masjid”, and for the maintenance of this Masjid, Property at Varoda Road and Chapel Road were bought.


the POS & Billing, Store & Warehouse systems, and all the functions that you would expect to find in a corporate office system, sets it apart from other solutions in the market. Ideal solution for all retail chains and supports all verticals of the box.


The web based time clock software is the ultimate solution to virtually tracking all your employees. Who Is In, the time and attendance software offered by us is truly a state of the art. It can track every single employee in the office.